Tea-Biotics in the News


If you have ever been to the farmer’s market in Overland Park, you might have noticed the long lines at the Tea-Biotics stand where Lisa Bledsoe sells fresh, locally made kombucha on tap. Kombucha has been brewed for centuries in Asia and Eastern Europe.

KC Star “Fizzy, Fermented Tea Kombucha Bubbles Up in Kansas City”

Fizzy, fermented tea kombucha bubbles up in Kansas City

Last year, Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway set out to open a brewery and bakery called the Brewkery. The couple started by selling loaves of sourdough at the Merriam Farmers Market. They wanted to sell beverages, too, but Kansas liquor laws prevented them from peddling beer at the market.



435 Magazine “Scoby Do — The Ancient Art of Bottling Living Tea is Now on Tap at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market”

Scoby Do

No doubt you’ve heard of a Zen Master. Drop by Overland Park Farmer’s Market and you’ll find a master of another sort: Lisa Bledsoe, Scoby Master. A what? Bledsoe is a local hobbyist and volunteer instructor at Broadmoor Technical Center’s culinary program teaching the process of fermenting an organic, probiotic beverage known as kombucha.

Kombucha in the News

SCOBYs in Space!

The European Space Agency sent Kombucha into space for science and stuff

THERE IS KOMBUCHA IN SPACE RIGHT NOW. Don’t tell me we don’t live in the future. The European Space Agency is testing the stuff used to brew kombucha – a fermented tea beverage invented thousands of years ago and now available at a Whole Foods near you – on the International Space Station, exposing it to the harsh environment of space to see how it fares.