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Full of life and made with love, our locally handcrafted, small batch,
organic, live probiotic Kombucha is a drink your body and taste buds will love you for.

Kombucha Tea You'll Love

You want a drink that tastes good but isn’t loaded with sugar and artificial stuff, right? Something that’s tasty, satisfying, and isn’t going to leave you with a headache. Even better if you can have some variety, and something that actually adds to your overall health, right? We agree! That’s why we started making our own handcrafted, small batch, live probiotic kombucha tea, right here in Kansas City.

Enjoy The Freshness of
Local Healthy Tea

Live probiotic kombucha tea has been around for a while, and to our delight, more and more people are discovering the power of this amazing drink. But not all kombucha is made equally.

Big batch kombucha is often made with powdered probiotics. Most is made in plastic kegs bad for our environment. Big brewers brew tens of thousands of gallons at a time, meaning the kombucha can sit on shelves for weeks or longer.

Our live probiotic kombucha tea is handcrafted in small batches and made locally right here in Kansas City. We only use ingredients from organic companies that promote sustainability. Our probiotics come from a live culture scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) that produces millions of live beneficial probiotics. And we don’t use powders!

We brew our kombucha tea in the highest quality 316 stainless fermenters and adhere to the strictest of brewing practices. All of our live probiotic teas are raw, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. And…. they’re fizzy FRESH!

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Why A Live Probiotic Kombucha Tea?

Live probiotic kombucha is a wonderful fizzy drink made from green or black organic tea and flavored with cold pressed organic juice and organic extract. It is believed that this wonderful tea originated in China, where it has been consumed for around 2000 years.

Five key organic acids Glucuronic, Lactic, Acetic, Malic, and Gluconic, help to maintain good health mainly by: detoxification, aid in digestion, anti-oxidation, boosting energy, and boosting immunity.

Some Kombucha Tea Benefits

  • Improved Gut Health
  • Boosts Energy
  • Amnio Acids
  • Aids Digestion
  • Multiple Vitamins
  • Anti-Oxidant Rich
  • Low in Calories / Carbs / Caffeine
  • Raw / Non-GMO
  • Vegan / Gluten Free

Try Our Kombucha to Believe It

Kombucha tea is an experience. You can’t understand it until you try it. Come to our taproom and you can sample 24 different flavors. You can take home a couple 64oz. growlers to enjoy your live probiotic drink at home.

Live probiotic kombucha can be enjoyed everyday, and multiple times per day. After you’ve been drinking it for 30 days come back and tell us your experience. We love to hear how it has changed our customer’s lives.

What Our Fans Are Saying

I got to try your #BeachLife at VegFest KC this past weekend and I have to say it is absolutely, hands down, my new favorite drink! I've tried a few kombucha drinks before and just couldn't get past the taste. You have created something awesome and tasty and I can't wait to come in and get more! Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the great work!
Courtney M.
My husband has been a kombucha junkie for years, and has tried many times to get me to join the bandwagon. This is the only brand that I actually enjoy! I really appreciate that it doesn't have things floating in it, as that was one of the main reasons I couldn't drink the other brands. Great job, and the flavors are the best. Just tried and fell in love with the lavender!
Shelley DeSimio
So, I am a true lover of kombucha. I have been eye-balling the taproom every time I drive by with my husband, but he will never stop. Well, it’s spring break, y’all and I was in Olathe, so over I went. ERMEGERSH. Kombucha heaven. So many amazing flavors!! My kombucha life is changed!! Now, to land that dream job of working there... #letsmakethathappen
Katie Akland Hilfiker
Absolutely love this KC made Kombucha, such wonderful taste and health benefits and a wonderful staff to go with it! Thanks Scoby Masters for all you do!
Felicia Hess
I bought the cherry lime kombucha from Hyvee yesterday and it was delicious! Taste like a cherry limeade from Sonic but much better for you!! Can’t wait to buy more!
Mariah McIntyre
I have been in OP on business for 3 weeks. To say I’ve indulged in your delicious kombucha is an understatement. I’m in love! I wish I could take this delicious drink back to California with me. Thank you for making my stay in KC so sweet. I’ll be bragging on your kombucha to my friends and family back home.
Sarah Lovelace

U.S. Troops Love Tea-Biotics

Tea-Biotics Kombucha tea is a favorite of many locals here in and around Kansas City. But did you know our probiotic tea is also enjoyed by our United States military here and abroad?

Tea-Biotics is proud to support our U.S. troops and even prouder they drink our kombucha tea. We’re grateful this U.S. troop, stationed in the Middle East, took the time to share their love of our fizzy probiotic tea.  

All of us here at Tea-Biotics want to send our heartfelt appreciation to all our military who bravely serve our country. Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for your service. Stay safe, and healthy!

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