7 Benefits of Kombucha Probiotic Tea

Kombucha Probiotic Tea

Kombucha probiotic tea tastes great. It also helps cleanse the body and protect you from disease. In fact, there are at least seven ways that those who drink Kombucha probiotic tea say it can make you healthier.

1. Kombucha Probiotic Tea Gut Health

Chemicals called antioxidants make your cells healthier by reducing stress and damage from toxins. You can get those unwanted toxins from processed food, chemicals, or environmental pollution. Since your cells are the building blocks of the body, you want to keep them in tip-top shape. Organisms with the name probiotics can help with that. Drinking kombucha probiotic tea is one way to get those helpful probiotics. Plus Kombucha probiotic tea tastes so good it’s easy to get in your daily dose.

2. Reduces a Main Cause of Illnesses

Kombucha, which is a drink made of fermented tea, contains powerful antioxidants. Those are chemicals that can reduce inflammation, and that’s a big deal. Inflammation is the problem at the root of many different illnesses. We’re talking everything from allergies and ulcers to heart attacks and strokes. Who knew that drinking something that is so refreshing is really good for you? Apparently lots of people have known for centuries. They’ve drunk the fermented Kombucha probiotic tea for thousands of years.

3. It’s a Heart Healthy Drink

Many fizzy drinks are really terrible for your health. They contain loads of sugar and other nasty chemicals that are bad for your heart. Your body works overtime to clean out all of those processed chemicals, too. But if you drink healthy Kombucha probiotic tea, you don’t get a sugar overload or crash. It’s actually good for your cardio system and your heart health. So you can drink it to your heart’s content, with no guilt or worry.

4. Combat Bad Bacteria

The body has two kinds of germs, goods ones and bad ones. Lots of the good kind of germs or bacteria are in every glass or bottle of kombucha probiotic tea. Kombucha can even fight really bad germs like staph and salmonella. But instead of taking potentially harmful antibiotics, you can just avoid bad bacteria by drinking refreshing Kombucha probiotic tea. There’s even a scientific university study from 2014 that promotes kombucha as a good drink to fight infection. Buy Scoby Tea-biotics Kombucha all over Kansas City, in dozens of great flavors.

5. Make Your Brain Sharper

Everybody wants a clear mind without the brain fog. But how do you clear the cobwebs and improve your mental focus? Millions of people do it by drinking daily servings of Kombucha probiotic tea. Right here in Kansas City you can buy Scoby Masters Tea-Biotics Kombucha. They sell all different combination of yummy flavors. Pick it up at one of the many grocery stores that carry it. Or drop by the local Scoby Masters Tea-Biotics store. There’s a tasting room inside, where you can enjoy fresh samples, too!

6. Help Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are really amazing organs. Every single day they filter as much as 150 quarts of blood in your body. Imagine how important that is to your health and wellness. But sugary sodas like soft drinks really but a heavy strain on your kidneys. Many glasses of water are required to clean out the impurities from just one sugary soda pop. That’s why so many people switch to fizzy but super-healthy Kombucha probiotic tea instead. While it’s very refreshing, it also gives you energy. Therefore it is a friend to your vital kidneys.

7. Cleanse the Liver

Like your kidneys, the same goes for your liver. Most people don’t know that the liver is the largest organ in the human body. First off, the liver weighs about four or five pounds. The reason it’s so large is because it is a big filter to clean toxins from your body. So you want to keep it clean, too. Kombucha probiotic tea, sold by Scoby Masters Tea-Biotics, does a good job of cleaning your liver.

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  • I have just tried your tea and it is amazing!! I have tried other brands and yours is by far the best. I will be buying lots of it. It is wonderful to have a healthy drink that taste great and is local.

    • Thanks Nancy for the kind words! We’re so happy you like our tea! Come by one of our many tap locations and fill up by the growler!


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